Filming/Riding Your Test

Filming the Test

The person videoing your test must be standing behind C for both dressage and jumping tests(judge’s usual POV), if recording from a mobile phone the video must be taken in landscape mode and zoom in at the A end of the school if possible.

*You need to be in the centre of the screen, if you go out of shot you can’t be judged.

*The video must have sound, callers are allowed in all tests apart from Eventing classes. No training/help should be given while you ride your test.

*Your video must not have any editing or parts missing from it. It must start at least 2 seconds before the rider enters at A and preferably 4 seconds after the rider salutes at the end.

*You need to ride in either an arena or on grass but both must have correct measurements and markers. Unless entering our relaxed rules class which allows the area to be any size, however, the markers still need set out in the correct positions (based on a normal arena size (20×40/20×60). If your arena is slightly too big we suggest you make it the correct size with poles.

*Make sure you film in good light, a lot of marks can be lost when riding with the sun behind you when coming up the centre line. For cases like this we suggest you swap the markers around so the entry can be made at the other side. Markers can be any make shift items as long as the judge can see a marker for judging accuracy.

*You are not required to introduce your test but it is advised to help the judge. 

Riding the Test

*The judge salute should be made with reins and whip (if carried) in one hand and the freehand lowered to the rider’s side and the rider should nod their head.

*Trot may be ridden sitting or rising (or a mixture of both) in all tests up to and including Level 4 (Elementary). From Level 5 (Medium) onwards the trot must be sitting.

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