Four Seasons Championships 2021

Rather than the usual point collecting league, we are doing things a little different and we have a championship split into four seasons, each of the four seasons has 3 chances to qualify for the season semi-finals.

To qualify for the semi-finals, you need to place 1st – 6th in one class of the season to be able to enter the semi-final of that season.  You can still carry on competing each month even if you qualify as qualifications will be passed down the line, so if someone in 6th place has already qualified for the semi then 7th place will qualify.  Double placings with the same score will go down to collective marks. 

Each season semi-final will have those who place 1st – 6th qualify for the final.  Those who qualify for the final will receive a qualification plaque.  Again, any who have already qualified will have their qualification pass down the line. 

Seasons and semis are as follows –

Spring – January, February, and March with the semi held in April.

Summer – April, May, and June with the semi held in July.

Autumn – July, August, and September with the semi held in October.

Winter – October, November, and December with the semi taking place in January 2022.

The overall final will then be held in February 2022

Junior’s (under 16 years old) and senior riders will be judged as one.  However, a rosette will be awarded to the highest placed junior or each level.

Overall Winner Prize – £100 of DRO points, these can be used against classes or products from our store. 

Champion & reserve rosettes will be awarded per section – 

Section 1 – Level 1

Section 2 – Level 2

Section 3 – Level 3

Section 4 – Levels 4 & 5

Open Section – All open levels

Those who enter at a level they are not restricted then gain scores that would require restrictions will be allowed to carry on within the level of the championship.

Please check the restrictions for each class carefully! 

*Level 1 – have scored 70% and over four times in the Level 1 section, scored 75.00% and above in level 1 section OR competed at Level 3 with Dressage Riders Online.

*Level 2 – have scored 70% and over four times in the Level 2 section, scored 75.00% and above in Level 2 OR competed in Level 4.

*Level 3 – have scored 70% and over four times in the level 3 section, scored 75.00% and above in level 3 section OR competed in Level 5.

*Level 4 & 5 – these levels currently have zero restrictions. 


Please note – Level-4 and Level-5 will be scored as one class until levels increase. 


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