General Rules

On entering a class with Dressage Riders Online, you accept and abide by the following rules/conditions-

*All riders under the age of 18 MUST have parental permission.

*Ride at your own risk, Dressage Riders Online take no responsibility for any injuries that occurred to the horse or rider when practising or filming a test.

*Dressage Riders Online reserve the right to refuse entry, without stating a reason. (Don’t worry this is unlikely to happen)

*Videos of tests must not be entered if they have previously been judged..

*Entry fees will not be refunded once entry has been accepted. This includes missing the closing date, being horse owners ourselves we understand that things can go wrong and we will be more than happy to transfer your entry to a later date due to lameness etc if contacted before the closing of the classes.

*Copyright laws must be abided by when submitting any video footage. Dressage Riders Online will not be held responsible/liable for any costs incurred because of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor or third party.


*Callers are allowed in all classes apart from the eventing dressage.  No outside help other than test directions is allowed.  (no outside instructions to help improve)

*Dressage Riders Online reserves the right to amend rules without notice, we advise you to check the rules on a regular basis.

*Judge’s decision is final. Please ensure we are notified by email within 24 hours of receipt of your test sheet of any errors where we will endeavour to rectify them.


Riding Attire

*Gloves MUST be worn when riding. (points will be deducted if not)

*Casual riding wear can be worn. Bright colours and matching wear are allowed.

*Show attire is not required but is welcome to be worn.  For eventing classes, boots or bandages must be used if show attire is worn.

*We do no longer run to British Dressage rules therefore any tack is allowed in our classes however side, draw or elasticated reins are not permitted. 

*Spurs and whips are allowed, when used in a correct manner.  When saluting with a whip the whip must not be in the hand in which salutes the judge. 

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