Loyalty Points

Here at Dressage Riders Online we don’t want our winners to be stuck with a random prize they don’t need so instead we let you pick your own prize!  Every time you win a class with Dressage Riders Online you will receive points (amount will be stated on the schedule) which can be used or saved towards choosing any of our fantastic range of DRO products in our shop.   



Our product range is also a part of our loyalty scheme, every point qualifying class (will be stated in the class information) you enter will automatically give you a point which equals £1 in our shop.  Use them to enter classes or save them up to buy one of our amazing products.  Check out your point balance below and all the products you can buy.  Happy shopping! 



My Available Loyalty Point Balance

Login to view your balance.

How to use your points to pay

You can only use loyalty points to pay when you have enough points to cover the whole transaction, this option will not display if your point balance is too low. 

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