Pivo Dressage

This one is for the Pivo users!  Use your Pivo pod to record your test and to help you along the way we have allowed a little leeway to the rules. 

For this class, your Pivo pod will need to be set up at C and there needs to be a space of 3-5 meters between the edge of the arena so that the Pivo pod doesn’t lose you as you ride past.  However, we understand not everyone has space behind C to allow this so those who don’t can adjust their arena accordingly by using a placing pole at the 3-5m distance in front of the pod.  So it may mean that you will be riding in an arena only 35m long or different again depending on your arena but our fantastic judges will take this all into account just like with our relaxed rules class. 

Levels 1-3 available. 

We understand that the Pivo isn’t perfect and there may be an odd moment the pod could lose you.  If you are unable to record a test without moments like this, you can still enter your test but the judge will be unable to mark any movements they can see. 

Don’t have a Pivo Pod but interested in getting one?  You can find out about the Pivo here >> https://getpivo.com/?ref=mziihkt7a1mg


Rosettes & Prizes

Rosettes awarded 6th place.

Prize awarded to 1st place*

*see our guide ‘Rosettes & Prizes’.

Class Restrictions

Please check the restrictions for each class carefully-

*Level 1 – have scored 70% and over four times in the Level 1 section scored 75.00% and above in level 1 section OR competed at Level 3 with Dressage Riders Online.

*Level 2 – have scored 70% and over four times in the Level 2 section, scored 75.00% and above in Level 2 OR competed in Level 4.

*Level 3 – have scored 70% and over four times in the level 3 section, scored 75.00% and above in level 3 section OR competed in Level 5.

*Level 4 & 5 – these levels currently have zero restrictions. 

If you fall under any of these restrictions, please see our class restrictions section on the how it works page on where to go from here. 

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