Submitting your Video

Submitting your video is easy. Please allow 48 hours for my response to your submission being received before the 20th of the month and 24 hours after the 20th. It’s all done manually and not always able to do them straight away. The entries list as I go so please check to see if your name is on the list before contacting us.

Please note – when sending your video to us we need to upload it to Youtube in order to make it easily accessible to our judges, we add the video as unlisted and only give the judge that needs it the link. It is then deleted the next month. Therefore if you have a Youtube account of your own please send as a link, set it to unlisted to enable us to view it but not for public viewing on Youtube. 

Check out all the available options below! 

Facebook –

Please do not use this way for DTM videos

Upload your video directly to our event page in the discussion section. We set up an event page each month, just find the correct month and click the discussion page to upload directly. I will comment or like your video post to confirm I’ve received it. 


If you have a Youtube account, upload your video as normal making sure it’s set to either public or unlisted and send the link along via email  with the following information –

 Rider Name –

Horse Name –

Class & Level Entered – 

I will reply via email to confirm receipt of the video submission. 


Head to the WeTransfer website, upload your video and send it to our email . I will reply via email to confirm receipt of the video submission.

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