Summer Jumping Challenge

Dressage Riders Online is bringing showjumping to online competition after a popular start with our combined training class.  

Enter our summer challenge for your chance to win one of these amazing Polyjumps hanging filler with the DRO logo on it.  

Simply enter our jumping class which will run just as our jumping section for the combined training has been running, choose from under or over 80cm to jump. (please compete at your current level)

With a different course each month to set up and ride, you will then be judged by our international showjumper judge on all parts of riding the course (not just the jump itself).  The four months scores will then be tallied to give us an average score which will create the overall scoreboard. 

Placings 1st to 6th place each month.  Both levels will run together unless sufficient entries allow a split. 

1st Place prize for the overall winner is the fantastic PolyJumps filler!!

All four months must be completed in order to have your average score added into the ‘challenge’ and be in with the chance to win the filler

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