Tack & Turnout

*Casual riding wear can be worn. Bright colours and matchy matchy are allowed.

*Show attire is not required, if show attire is worn then your horse must have boots/bandages on (to demonstrate the test was not recorded at a competition).

*Riding hats must be worn. BSI Standard hats or other such protective headwear is strongly advised and compulsory for those under 18 years of age. Suitable footwear with a heel must be worn for safety reasons.

*Gloves MUST be worn when riding. (points will be deducted if not)

*Bridles – For Level 1 (Introductory), Level 2 (Preliminary) and Level 3 (Novice) tests an ordinary snaffle bridle is to be worn. For Level 4 (Elementary) and above the horse can wear an ordinary snaffle or double bridle. Nosebands must be worn, a drop, cavesson or flash with a snaffle or a cavesson with a double bridle. Only British Dressage permitted bits are allowed (unless entering our Relaxed Rules class).

*Neck & balancing straps are allowed. Side, draw or elasticated reins may not be used in any competition class. Martingales are only allowed in our relaxed rules class.

*Spurs and whips are allowed, when used in a correct manner.

*Boots & bandages can be worn.

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