Young Horse Championships 21

Take part with your young horse and compete against riders with horses of the same age group giving you a fairer competition!  Horse’s must be 4-6years old, a copy of the passport may be asked for.  

Choose from Level one or two, gaining points with each competition with the highest points at the end of the championship.

Points will only be collected per horse and rider combination, you can ride more than one horse but the points will be separated per horse.  You can compete in 2 consecutive levels but only the points from the same level will be added together and all class restrictions must be followed.  

We will follow this points system below.

60.00-61.99% 1 Point
62.00-63.99% 2 Points
64.00-65.99% 3 Points
66.00-67.99% 4 Points
68.00-69.99% 5 Points
70.00-71.99% 6 Points
72.00-73.99% 7 Points
74.00-75.99% 8 Points
76.00-77.99% 9 Points
78.00-79.99% 10 Points
80.00 and above 11 Points

The championship will run from April – September 2021 with the highest points winning.  

Winner of the championship will a DRO Trophy, Champion sash, stunning champion rosette and a DRO rug.

Class restrictions – 

 *Level 1 – have scored 70% and over four times in the Level 1 section, scored 75.00% and above in level 1 section OR competed at Level 3 with Dressage Riders Online.

*Level 2 – have scored 70% and over four times in the Level 2 section, scored 75.00% and above in Level 2 OR competed in Level 4.

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